Everyone deserves a second chance, even animals. At the Holiday Humane Society we are dedicated to rescuing and caring for unwanted and abandoned companion animals. We then carefully match and place them in appropriate homes where we are sure they will get a good life. Like any lifelong relationship, the chemistry has to be just right with every member of the family, which is why we require making an appointment to meet in person.

If you are interested in having the rewarding experience of helping a dog learn to trust, or help a dog see the world from a different perspective these dogs are for you. The good news is our trainers will assist you with the tools necessary to get these canine companions where they need to go and give you the support necessary to have a great relationship with these pups. This is the opportunity to change someone's life for the better and in turn enrich your own life by forming a rewarding and loving relationship with a "best friend".

All of these dogs are challenging to adopt for various reasons. Their number one need is a home where they can flourish. They are each amazing in their own way and all have had the luxury of working with trained handlers to get them off to a great start. Just getting out of the kennel environment is a life altering experience and can make all the difference for any rescue pooch.

To start the adoption process, simply call (818) 765-8196 or fill out our contact form. We have handsome dogs and cuddly cats of all sizes and breeds for your consideration. Once you fill out an application, we will set up a time to meet in person and introduce you to your future pet partner.