Holiday Humane Society Veterinary Clinic at Noth Hollywood Offering Affordable Pet Care 5 Days A Week

Holiday Humane Society offers affordable pet care 5 days a week. We are a full-service animal vet clinic serving the Los Angeles community. The knowledgeable staff at our Vet Clinic includes veterinarians, a friendly team of experienced veterinary technicians, and managers that ensure our Holiday Humane Society Veterinary Clinic runs as smoothly as our animal visits.

Our Veterinary Clinic Offers Low Cost Pet Services Ranging From Emergency Vet Care to Dog Dental Cleanings

Holiday Humane Society Veterinary Clinic sees dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from all ages. Our Vet Clinic accommodate pets from the largest canines to the smallest of felines. Our Vet Clinic is equipped with a surgical suite, radiology facility, laboratory, and an in-house pharmacy and intensive care unit.

Our Veterinary Clinic care is a product of the best animal hospital veterinarians. Services 1st client $25.00 Exam pet exam for $25.00 from our experienced veterinarians, spay and neuter surgeries, and low cost vaccine clinic everyday (by appointment).

Our veterinarians are also experienced in veterinary dentistry cleaning dog's teeth provide pet dentals for only $159! Humane Vet Clinic features an in-house pharmacy for quick and easy prescription needs as well as select over-the-counter medications. Because our Veterinary Clinic is open six days each week, we always have a skilled veterinarian and trained personnel on duty during regular hours to quickly tend to unexpected emergencies. Pet owners can call in advance so our animal vet clinic staff can prepare for a pet’s arrival.

Vet Holiday Humane Society offers online appointment requests which take away the hassle of lengthy phone calls. Simply send us a request and our staff will call back to confirm a date and time. If you have questions about our services or would like to speak to our staff, please call Humane Vet Holiday Humane Society at (818) 765-8196

Did you know that our Veterinary Clinic saves pet owners an average of 30% off their vet bills?

At Holiday Humane Society Vet Clinic we treat your pets like our family!

Holyday Humane Society

Humane Vet Clinic

7301 Fulton Ave.

North Hollywood, CA 91605

(818) 765-8196